sabato 8 gennaio 2011

IF... Deja Vu

After the Second World War and until the late sixties, some homeless families occupied a few houses inside the court yard of my hometown castle, overlooking the lake. Among them my grandparents, who lived in a couple of rooms on the ground floor and in the walls you could still see the holes made by bombs. To me and my cousins this place was the most intriguing place in the world and during the long summer afternoons we used to play and invent stories in the lonely and dark rooms of the castle. Some years ago I found in a book an old photograph of that court yard, and the déjà-vu image inspired me this painting, mixing the memory of the fascinating place with the reminiscence of the fire-works shows called ‘the castle on fire’ that took place every year in September, during the Saint John feast. The result looks like an alien invasion of the place!

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