venerdì 21 gennaio 2011

IF... Dusty

Pelayo and his wife Elisenda couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a very old man, ragged and dusty, moving slowly his huge pair of plucked wings in the chicken-run of their gardens. No one knew who he was and from where he came, it looked like he had been knocked down by a storm. He spoke just few words in an unknown, mysterious language. People from every corner of the village came to see this strange phenomenon, some of them mocked him, children kept throwing things to him, to see how he looked like in a standing position. A neighbour of the couple said he was an angel, but even the village priest looked at him with suspicion because he couldn’t understand a single word in Latin. Day after day the miserable creature bore with patience the malign attention of visitors, while Pelayo and Elisenda built themselves a new house with the earnings that came from ticket sales to every one who came to see him. After a short time, a more incredible creature appeared in the village: a young girl who was changed into an enormous spider for having disobeyed to her parents. Everyone followed this huge insect with a sad girl face and the old fallen angel was left alone. It was with a certain relief that Pelayo and Elisenda one day saw him take off and begin an uncertain flight over the sun-flowers field, until he disappeared…

(based upon a short story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez – A very old man with such huge wings)

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