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IF... Asleep

I think this 1985 drawing fits well with this week’s Illustration Friday topic. “The Awakening of Mirrors” is freely based upon a short novel by Argentinean poet and writer Jorge Luis Borges. I read this novel long time ago and I can’t remember it very well, I just remember it told about figures in mirrors invading our world and they passed through mirrors at night while every one was asleep. The first living thing that started this surrealist invasion was a fish. For the original drawing I just used china black ink on white paper using a pen nib together with a very thin paint brush. Since I found just a bad quality image of this drawing I revisited it for the submission by adding a computer touch of colour. Hope you enjoy the image!


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IF... Rainbow

Just a quick sketch for this week Illustration Friday challenge while I'm trying to gather the ideas for my next book project, the illustrations for a children's story written by Nicholas Goh. It is unlikely you will be able to grow such rainbow of colors in your own garden, but maybe you could easily manage to get a blue elephant to water your plants. Sketching is often a matter of thought association: the perplexed cactuses brought to my mind the book "the secret life of plants" a weird research by Peter Tompkin and Christopher Bird, edited in 1973, which introduced the intriguing idea of plants having their own emotional life as well as their own form of communication.

IF... Cat

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