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The mermaid

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A quick look around the garden...

Hedgehogs coming

The sketches for my next book project are progressing... Today I'd like to share a detail from the battle between the hedgehogs and the terrible concrete-giants, in pure black and white lines. Will the Giants be able to destroy the Garden and fill it with concrete built houses and skyscrapers? The hedgehogs are doing all they can to prevent this tragedy! Stay tuned for more teasers...

3 Palms

"Short of Aphrodite, there is nothing lovelier on this planet than a flower, nor more essential than a plant. The true matrix of human life is the greensward covering mother earth. Without green plants, we would neither breathe nor eat. On the undersurface of every leaf, a million movable lips are engaged in devouring carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen. Altogether, 25 million square miles of leaf surface are daily engaged in this miracle of photosynthesis, producing oxygen and food for man and beast." Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird - The Secret Life of Plants

IF... Witch

Here comes the Witch , solemn and imperturbable, she is the queen of the realm of the ferocious plants. What kind of magic is she going to put in place with the help of the little black creature at her feet?

IF... Ghost

Halloween is approaching, and although I do not usually celebrate the occasion, this week's Illustration Friday topic gives me the opportunity to bring out some Gothic mood. Actually, this ghost is quite friendly and far from being scary but its presence brings something unexpected in the static scene, where a pale Emily Dickinson kind of gentlewoman, attended by an aplomb valet, is going to take to the table a bit unattractive watermelon to be enjoyed maybe by the ghost itself. The resemblance of the maiden to the famous Edward Munch's painting should give a disquieting touch to it all. The watermelon? Well, a pumpkin would have been just too obvious.    

IF... Magical